Book of Saints – Austremonius

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(Saint) Bishop (November 1) (Date uncertain) According to traditional belief in France, Austremontius was one of the missionaries sent into Gaul by the Apostle Saint Peter himself. His field of labour lay principally in the province now known as Auvergne. After thirty-six years of successful missionary work, the Saint is said to have retired into solitude to prepare himself for death. It is further asserted that in the end certain evildoers, or perhaps an exasperated mob of heathens, sought him out and did him to death. The modern view is that Saint Austremontius was one of seven missionaries sent from Rome into Gaul, but by one of the Popes of the third century, that is, two hundred years later than the older legend set forth. That Austremontius preached in Auvergne and may properly be regarded as the first Bishop of Clermont is quite in conformity with the result of scientific enquiry.

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