Book of Saints – Augustine of Hippo


AUGUSTINE of HIPPO (Saint) Bishop (August 28) Doctor of the Church. (5th century) He was born at Tagasta, a town of Numidia (near Algiers in Africa), A.D. 354. In his youth he went headlong into vice, and all but became a Manichaean. He taught Rhetoric at Tagasta, Carthage, Rome and Milan. In the latter city he met Saint Ambrose and attended his sermons, which, with the aid of Saint Simplician, a priest, brought about his conversion. He was baptised by Saint Ambrose in the presence of his holy mother, Saint Monica (A.D. 387). On his return to Africa he lived in solitude for three years, and was then consecrated Bishop of Hippo. In this high station he displayed great zeal and learning in repelling the attacks of the Pagans, Manichaeans, Arians, Donatists and Pelagians. His writings fill many folio volumes, his best-known work being the City of God and his Confessions. He died A.D. 430 in his seventy-sixth year, and was buried at Hippo in the church of Saint Stephen. In the year 498, owing to the irruption of the Vandals, his relics were transferred to Sardinia by the exiled African Bishops, and interred at Cagliari. When Sardinia fell into the hands of the Saracens, his relics were carried to Pavia (A.D. 772) and placed in the triple crypt of the Basilica of Saint Peter.

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