Book of Saints – Audoenus


AUDOENUS (AUDEON, OUEN, OWEN, DADON) (Saint) Bishop (August 24) (7th century) A French Saint, son of Autharius and Aiga, who after their death were also, at least locally, venerated as Saints, and to whom Saint Columbanus is said to have foretold that their son Ouen and his two brothers, Ardon and Radon, would become famous in Church and State. Saint Ouen was entrusted with high offices at the Courts of Clotaire and Dagobert. There he met and formed a close friendship with Saint Eligius (Eloi). Both of these noblemen resolving on entering the Ecclesiastical state, they were consecrated on the same day by Adeodatus, Bishop of Macon, Bishops Eloi of Noyon and Ouen of Rouen, where the latter succeeded Saint Romanus (A.D. 640). The activity and success of Saint Ouen in promoting the cause of Christianity and civilisation in the future province of Normandy was such that in life as in death he was acclaimed as a Saint. He passed away after more than forty years of a most fruitful Episcopate, at Clichy, near Paris (A.D. 683), and was buried in the Abbey of Saint Pierre, hear Rouen, to which his name was given. There have been several translations of his relics, the last in the year 1860. He has left us the Life of his friend, Saint Eligius — an historical treasure, considering the dark century in which it was written.

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