Book of Saints – Athanasius, Anthusa and Others


ATHANASIUS, ANTHUSA and OTHERS (Saints) Martyrs (August 22) (3rd century) Saint Athanasius was a Bishop of Tarsus in Asia Minor, and famous for the holiness of his life. He fell a victim to the cruelty of the persecuting Emperor Valerian (about A.D. 257). Saint Anthnsa, a wealthy lady of one of the various Asiatic cities named Seleucia, had previously come to Tarsus to seek baptism at the hands of Saint Athanasius. Having thus become a Christian, and having on that account been driven out of Seleucia. she embraced the life of a solitary in the desert, persevering therein until her death, twenty-three years later. Two servants who had followed her to Tarsus found a home with Saint Athanasius, and in the end shared his crown of martyrdom.

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