Book of Saints – Arnoul – Bishop


ARNOUL (ARNULPHUS) (Saint) Bishop (July 18) (7th century) A Frankish nobleman, born near Nancy in Lorraine, and educated in piety and learning by Gondulphus, a councillor of King Theodebert II. He distinguished himself as a soldier and married Doda, a lady of quality, by whom he had two sons, Clodulph (Cloud) and Ansegisius. When the See of Metz became vacant in the year 613, clergy and people united in demanding Arnoul (whose wife had just taken the veil in a convent at Treves) as their Bishop. He governed his Diocese with zeal and success for about nine years, and during part of that time acted also as Duke of Austrasia for King Clotaire II. In his old age he resigned all his dignities and retired to a cave in the Vosges mountains, where he died attended by Saint Romaric (A.D. 641). He seems to have been of the Blood Royal of the Merovingians, and it is asserted that through his son Ansegisius he transmitted it to the succeeding French dynasty, that of the Carolingians.

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