Book of Saints – Amatus – 13 September

AMATUS (AIME, AME) (Saint) Abbot (September 13) (7th century) Known as Saint Amatus of Grenoble from the place of his birth. In his youth he entered the monastery of Saint Maurice in Valais, and at the age of thirty retired into a hermitage, where his reputation for a life of penance and prayer, privileged with the grace of miracleworking, drew the attention of Saint Eustathius, Abbot of Luxeuil, who persuaded him to join his community. During his ensuing Apostolic labours in Lorraine, he converted a rich and powerful baron, by name Rommaric, who became the founder of the famous Abbey of Rombers or Remiremont, and was afterwards himself venerated as a Saint. Saint Amatus ruled this Abbey for many years, and established there the difficult pious practice of the “Laus perennis” or Perpetual Praise, which consisted in the maintaining in the Church an uninterrupted service of Psalmody and Prayer, day and night. Saint Amatus died in the year 627, and at his own request was buried just outside the church door. Later, his remains were suitably enshrined under one of the altars of the same church.

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