Book of Saints – Alexis

detail of a stained glass window depicting the discovery of the death of Saint Alexius of Rome, date unknown, artist unknown; Church of Saint Sulpice, Bugue, Dordogne, France; photographed on 15 September 2012 by Father Igor; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Alexius) (Saint) Confessor (July 17) (5th century) The only son of a Roman Senator, whom desire to avoid the fascinations of the world, impelled to fly from his home and promised bride on his wedding day, and to set sail for Asia Minor. On his arrival there he made his way to Edessa, where for many years he lived in the greatest poverty and busied himself in prayer and good works. Dreading the veneration in which he began to be held on account of his holy life, he journeyed to the coast and embarked in a vessel bound for Tarsus. But, after many mishaps at sea, he was at length cast ashore on the coast of Italy, his native country, and so returned to Rome. Acting on a Divine impulse, he there sought shelter in his father’s house, in a shed adjoining which he was suffered to live and die, disguised as a poor mendicant, without his identity being discovered. After his decease, a written paper was found in his possession, giving particulars of his life and of the motives which had induced him to act as he had done. Pope Innocent I and the Emperor Honorius are said to have been present at his obsequies and at his burial in the Church of Saint Boniface, erected close to his father’s mansion (A.D. 404). The many miracles wrought at his intercession led to his being honoured as a Saint.

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