Book of Saints – Alexander, Eventius and Theodulus


ALEXANDER, EVENTIUS and THEODULUS (Saints) Martyrs (May 3) (2nd century) Pope Saint Alexander I, a Roman by birth, succeeded Saint Evaristus, A.D. 108, or as others contend, A.D. 121, and reigned for about ten years. A constant tradition attributes to him the change in the Canon of the Mass of the words used by Saint Paul: “Who in the night in which He was betrayed,” into those now employed: “Who the day before He suffered.” Saint Alexander was put to death, together with his two priests, Eventius and Theodulus, under the Emperor Hadrian. Modern research and especially the discovery of the tomb of this early Pope has tended to confirm the account of Saint Alexander handed down to us in Mediaeval Acts, hitherto regarded as unreliable.

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