Book of Saints – Alban – 22 June

Saint Alban of BritainArticle

(Saint) Martyr (June 22) (4th century) The first Martyr of Britain. He suffered in the persecution under Diocletian (probably A.D. 303), though the Edicts of persecution were only rarely enforced in the provinces governed by Constantius Chlorus. Saint Alban was converted to the Faith by a priest to whom he had given shelter and whose life he had thus saved. Several wonderful occurrences signalised his martyrdom, as related by Bede and others. It took place at Verulam, a town which received the name of Saint Albans after the erection there of the famous Abbey of that name, the work of King Offa of Mercia in the eighth century. With Saint Alban suffered one of the executioners, who, at sight of the Saint’s courage and constancy, had declared himself also to be ready to embrace Christianity. The priest who was saved by Saint Alban, who disguised him in his own cloak (styled a Caracalla), and who is commonly known as Saint Amphibalus, is said to have fled into Wales, there to have effected many conversions, and ultimately to have sealed his Faith with his blood. In art, Saint Alban is usually represented with a cross in one hand and a sword in the other, with a river or spring in the foreground.

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