Book of Saints – Aidan – 31 August


AIDAN (AEDAN) (Saint) Bishop (August 31) (7th century) In response to a request from Saint Oswald, King of Northumbria, Saint Aidan, a monk of the famous Abbey of Hy or Iona, was chosen by the Abbot Seghen for the special mission of rekindling the Faith in the Kingdom of Northumbria. He was forthwith consecrated Bishop and, on his arrival in the North of England, took for his See the Island of Lindisfarne (Holy Island), where he founded a famous Abbey. His Diocese reached from the Forth to the Humber. The account of the miracles he worked and other particulars of his saintly life are to be found in the writings of Venerable Bede. He founded many churches and schools for which he provided masters from among his fellow monks. He died at Bamborough in the eighteenth year of a fruitful Episcopate (A.D. 651). A graceful tradition is to the effect that the young shepherd boy Cuthbert, at the moment of the passing away of Saint Aidan, saw in a vision the soul of the Saint carried up by angels into Heaven, and thereupon himself set about preparing by a life in the cloister for carrying on the work for God to which the Saint had been devoted. Nor did the fame of Saint Cuthbert fall short of that of Saint Aidan. Saint Aidan is represented in art, sometimes with a torch in his hand, sometimes with a stag near him, suggested by a legend that once he by his prayer rendered invisible a deer pursued by huntsmen.

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