Book of Saints – Agathangelus


AGATHANGELUS (Saint) Martyr (January 23) (4th century) A deacon of Ancyra in Galatia, who suffered martyrdom with his Bishop, Saint Clement, about the year 309. Their relics were brought to Paris by the Crusaders in the thirteenth century. The existence and cultus of these Martyrs is undoubted, though the learned Baronius, and, after him, modern historians in general, reject the legends concerning them current in the Middle Ages, as romances based on spurious documents which had been put forth as genuine Acts. The Greeks have a special commemoration of St. Agathangelus on Nov. 5, and they give him two other deacons, Pheugon and Chariton, and several Christian children as his companions in martyrdom.

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