Book of Saints – Agapitus – 18 August


AGAPITUS (Saint) Martyr (August 18) (3rd century) The Patron Saint of Palestrina (Praeneste), near Rome. He was a youth of noble birth who, at the age of fifteen was arrested as a Christian, and after being put to the torture was sentenced to death. The brave boy was thrown to the wild beasts in the Amphitheatre; but, as not rarely happened in the case of Christian Martyrs, the fierce creatures refused to do him any harm. The sight of the miracle astounded the spectators, and was followed by the conversion to Christianity of not a few among them, of whom one was Saint Anastasius, a tribune in the army. The judge cut matters short by ordering Agapitus to be forthwith beheaded. This passed during the so-called ninth persecution, that under the Emperor Aurelian (A.D. 274). The Cathedral of Palestrina now stands on the site of the martyrdom of Saint Agapitus. In the year 974, his relics were enshrined in a natural cave or grotto in its crypt; but five centuries later translated in great part to Corneto, near Civita Vecchia. A liturgical commemoration of Saint Agapitus is made in the Universal Church annually on August 18, the anniversary of his passion.

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