Book of Saints – African Martyrs


AFRICAN MARTYRS. The early Church of North Africa was one of the most flourishing and one of the most prolific of Saints in Christendom. African Saints, of whom Saint Augustine and Saint Cyprian are the best known, will be found in their order. Similarly, groups of Martyrs taking their names from the chief sufferers in each. Of those who are simply registered without mention of name in the old Martyrologies certain groups claim special notice.

It may be remarked that African Martyrs can chronologically be distributed in three series

  • Sufferers in the persecutions under the Roman Emperors.
  • Those of the persecution by the Arian Vandals.
  • Victims of the Mohammedan hatred of Christianity.

The North African Church was a branch of the Latin Church. Egyptian Martyrs were under the Patriarchate of Alexandria, and therefore are treated apart.

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