Book of Saints – Ado


ADO (St.) Bp. (Dec. 16) (9th cent.) Born in Burgundy of rich and noble parents (a.d. 799), St. Ado was educated in the Benedictine Abbey of Ferrieres in the Diocese of Sens. Ordained priest, he taught sacred and profane science in the Schools of the Abbey of Brum, near Treves. He next spent four years in Rome, engaged in literary researches, and returning to France, discovered at Ravenna much important material from which he published his famous Martyrology. He worked on this at Lyons as the guest of St. Remigius, Archbishop of that city. On the death of Agilmar, Archbishop of Vienne in Dauphine, St. Ado was consecrated his successor and received the Ballium from Fope Nicholas I. He died in the year 875. In art, he is usually represented studying the Scriptures in a library. Besides the Martyrology. we have several others of his writings. Ado’s Martyrology has largely influenced the compilers of later revisions of the Roman Martyrology itself, and full account must therefore in the study of the latter be taken of the shortcomings of Ado’s work. The valuable volume of the erudite Dom Quentin (issued in 1908) should be consulted for details.

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