Book of Saints – Adjutus


ADJUTUS (St.) Conf. (Dec. 19) (Date uncertain.) Described as Abbot of Orleans and often assigned to as early as the fifth century. He is inscribed as ADJUTUS in the Roman Martyrology; but French authors mostly style him AVITUS or AVY. The learned Mabillon holds, in accordance with Baronius, that there were really two Abbots of this name in the Orleanais, the one of Perche, the other of Micy, both honoured as Saints. Neither of course must be confused with the much better known Saint Avitus, Bishop of Vienne, who flourished at about the same period. It is to be noted that Saint Gregory of Tours, a thousand years before Mabillon. had distinguished one from the other, the two holy Abbots. Nevertheless, the modern compilers of the Analecta Bollandiana, adopting the seventeenth century criticisms of Ruinart, insist that the earlier MSS. know of only one Abbot Adjutus, or Avitus, recognised as a Saint in the fifth, sixth or seventh century. This would be the St. Avitus, Abbot, of June 17) Various developments of his legend have (they contend) led to the mistake. Krusch ventures the suggestion that two festivals were locally kept in his honour, one (Dec. 19) commemorating his death, the other (June 17) the Translation at some later period of his relics.

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