Blessed William of Fenoli

medallion of Blessed William of Fenoli, by Giovanni Scrivo; Museo della Certosa, Serra San Bruno, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Guglielmo
  • Gulielmus



Hermit in the Torre Mondovi region. Carthusian lay-brother at the Charterhouse of Casularum, Lombardy, Italy where he managed the house’s external affairs. He was wholly un-learned in theology, philosophy or the ways of the world aside from his assigned duties, but in spiritual life and good works he was considered a saint in life.

One day when coming in from the fields, William was attacked by thieves, and defended himself by tearing the leg off his donkey and using it as a club to drive off the attackers; afterways he re-attached the leg, and the pair continued home.


  • 1065 in Garessio-Borgoratto, Diocese of Mondovi, Italy




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