Blessed Walhère of Dinant

detail of a statue of Blessed Walhere, date and artist unknownAlso known as

  • Walhère of Bouvignes
  • Walhère of Namur
  • Walhère of Onhaye
  • Baraclas…
  • Bohy…
  • Valerio…
  • Valero…
  • Valtero…
  • Vohy…
  • Walhero…
  • Walter…
  • Wohy…



Born to a family of wealth land-owners, Walhère mother died when he was still an infant. Studied with the Premonstratensian canons of Leffe Abbey, then at the Benedictine abbey of Waulsort in Hastière, Belgium. Parish priest. He served as curate of Flavion (in modern Florennes, Belgium, chaplain of the towns of Hastière and Onhaye, and as rural dean of Florennes. His ministery was known for the work he spent correcting the impious and scandalous behavior of his fellow priests, including his nephew Fauchon, chaplain of Hastières. When crossing the river Meuse by boat with his nephew, Father Walhère tried again to convince the younger man to change his life, threatening him with removal from his posting; Father Fauchon became so angry that he hit Walhère with the boat’s oar, killing him. Considered a martyr.



  • hit with a boat oar by his nephew Fauchon in June 1199 on the river Meuse near Onhaye, Brabant (in modern Belgium)
  • his body floated down river and was recovered by local peasant
  • when the peasants tried to take the body to Bouvignes-sur-Meuse (modern Dinant), Namur (in modern Belgium) for burial, the body became to heavy to move; when they decided to bury him in Onhaye, they were able to move him without trouble
  • buried at the church of San Martino in Onhaye
  • his tomb became the site of pilgrimages
  • by 1522 there was a black marble tombstone to mark his grave
  • due to the number of pilgrims, the sanctuary was enlarged in 1860
  • relics are still processed through the village on the first Sunday after 24 June
  • some relics enshrined in Dinant, Belgium


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