Blessed Vivald of Gimignano

Blessed Vivald of GimignanoAlso known as

  • Vivald of San Geminiano
  • Ubaldo of…
  • Vivaldo of…
  • Waldo of…



Spiritual student of Blessed Bartolo da San Gimignano. Following the death of Blessed Bartolo in 1300, Vivald withdrew from the world to live 20 years as a hermit in a hollow chestnut tree. Well known for his personal piety and spiritual wisdom, his counsel was sought by rich and poor, and he dealt with all alike. The site of his tree later became the site of a chapel devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary.



  • May 1320 of natural causes, apparently while in prayer
  • legend says that his body was discovered when all the church bells in the nearby town began ringing at once by themselves; the locals went to the holy man in a tree to ask him what it could mean and found that he had passed on



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