Blessed Vincent Kadlubek

Blessed Vincent KadlubekAlso known as

  • Vincent Kadlubo
  • Vincent Kadlubko
  • Vincent of Cracow
  • Wincenty Kadlubek



Born wealthy. Studied in France and Italy. Provost of the cathedral of Sandomir, Poland. May have been the principal of the cathedral school of Cracow, Poland. Bishop of Cracow from 28 March 1208. Worked to reform the clergy and invigorate the laity in his diocese. Supported monasteries in Sulejow, Koprzywnica, and Jedrzejow. Peacemaker between Hungary and Poland over the area of Galicia. Vincent resigned his see in 1218, and became the first Polish Cistercian monk, entering the house at Jedrzejow. Noted writer, author of the Chronicles of the Kings and Princes of Poland.




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