Blessed Vincent de L’Aquila

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May have trained as a shoemaker in his youth. Joined the Friars Minor at age 14 at the convent of San Giuliano outside L’Aquila, Italy, and spent his teen-aged novitiate in a hut in the forest near the convent, leaving it only when for services, Mass, or when called upon by his superiors. Reported to levitate, and appeared to be unconscious when in prayer. Assigned for several years at a time to convents in Penne and Sulmona before finally returning to San Giuliano; at each one his exemplary example led others to a deeper life in the faith and a more intense call to their vocation. Known for his humility and gift of prophecy, he was sought out for his advice by princes and queens. Hobbled by gout and the hardships of his life, Vincent was eventually confined to his hut where he spent his final days in prayer and giving spiritual advice to visitors.




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