Blessed Vicente Cabanes Badenas

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Eldest of four brothers. Studied at the University of Valencia and the Institute for Criminal Studies. Joined the Capuchin Tertiary Fathers and Brothers of Our Lady of Sorrows on 12 March 1923. Ordained a priest in 1932 in the archdiocese of Madrid, Spain. Superior of the Prince of Asturias reform school in Madrid in September 1933; head of the psycho-pedagogic council of the reformatory in Amurrio, Spain in October 1934; in each place he used both psychology and spiritual direction to turn around the lives of young people.

Arrested by militiamen on 27 August 1936, about six weeks into the Spanish Civil War, for the crime of being a priest, His captors tried to force him to renounce his faith, but Father Vicente refused. They then propped him up beside a barn in the meadow of San Bartolome de Orduña, shot him several times with rifles, and left him for dead. Badly wounded, Father Vicente managed to reach a friend’s house, and was taken to hospital, but died three days later having made his final confession and forgiven his murderers. Martyr.





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Do not ask me these things, just talk about God. – Blessed Vicente’s reaction when questioned about who had shot him

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