Blessed Venturino of Bergamo

Blessed Venturino of BergamoAlso known as

  • Venturinus
  • Lorenzo de Apibus



Joined the Dominicans on 22 January 1319 at the convent of Saint Stephen in Bergamo, . Studied and was ordained at Genoa, Italy. Noted preacher throughout northern Italy, converting many and calling for peace during the struggles between the Guelphs and Ghibellines.

In February 1335 Venturino led a great pilgrimage to Rome, Italy for 30,000 of the faithful. This was during the Avignon papacy, and Pope Benedict XII assumed that Venturino was marching on Rome with a mob to have himself declared pope. Benedict and the Dominican Master General prohibited the pilgrimage, but the news did not reach Venturino until after he and his group and arrived in Rome. He first met with great success, the pilgrims were welcomed, and Venturino preached at several churches. However, twelve days in he learned of the order and left the city. In June 1335 he requested an audience with the pope to clarify things, but was immediately imprisoned for eight years, released in 1343 by Pope Clement VI. Successful preacher of Crusade against the Turks.



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