Blessed Thomas Woodhouse



Priest in Lincolnshire, England. Forced to resign due state persecution, he became a tutor in Wales. Arrested and sent to Fleet Prison on 14 May 1561 for the crime of celebrating Mass. He lay there for nine years before being tried and convicted for his faith. At some point during his incarceration he joined the Jesuits, and he ministered to fellow prisoners when possible.

On 19 November 1572 he convinced the prison washer-woman to take a letter to Lord Burghley. In it he begged that Burghley seek reconciliation with Rome, and convince Elizabeth to do the same. He followed up this by writing more letters and papers, signing them, tying them to rocks, and throwing them from his window into the street in hopes that passersby would spread his message. He was soon transferred to Newgate prison, and a few weeks later, executed. Martyr.




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