Blessed Thomas Pormort

Also known as

  • Thomas Whitgift



Educated at Cambridge University. Studied at the seminary in Rheims, France in 1581, and then, beginning in 1582, in Rome, Italy. Ordained in 1587. Worked with Bishop Owen Lewis in the diocese of Cassano, Italy. Prefect of studies at the Swiss college in Milan, Italy on 25 April 1590. He returned to England, travelling under the name Whitgift, and was arrested on 25 July 1591 in London for the crime of being a priest, but he escaped. Arrested again a couple of months later, he was imprisoned, racked and tortured for months. Convicted on 8 February 1592 of the crime of treason for being a priest and conferring reconciliation to an Englishman. Martyr.





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