Blessed Thomas Maxfield

Blessed Thomas MaxfieldAlso known as

  • Thomas Macclesfield



Son of Ursula and William Macclesfield; his father was later charged with hiding and supporting priests, one of which was Thomas’s brother, Father Humphrey. Thomas studied at the English College in Douai, France; ordained in 1614. In 1615 he returned to England to minister to covert Catholics. He was soon arrested for the crime of being a priest. After eight months he tried to escape, but was caught and moved to Newgate prison; there he ministered to other prisoners and brought some to the faith. Went to trial on 26 June 1616 for the crime of priesthood, was found guilty, and sentenced to death. A group of Catholic Spaniards acted as an honour guard as Father Thomas was being led to execution; they were abused by the populace. Martyr.


  • The Mere, Enville, Staffordshire, England




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