Blessed Theobald Roggeri

Blessed Theobald RoggeriAlso known as

  • Theobald of Vico
  • Theobald of Alba
  • Theobald Roggeris
  • Teobaldo…



Born to a wealthy, noble Piedmont family, his reading of the Gospel caused him to abandon position for a simple life. Cobbler in Alba, Italy. Theobald proved himself a skillful craftsman, and his master hoped that the young apprentice would marry his daughter and carry on the business. Theobald, however, had made a private vow of chastity, and abandoned the trade. Following a pilgrimage to Compostela, Spain, he worked as a porter, spending his day carrying sacks of grain. He gave away as much of his wages as he could to people even more poor than himself, and there are ballads about him in which he gave away the grain and flour he was supposed to deliver. Venerated in Liguria and the Piedmont regions.






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