Blessed Teresa Maria of the Cross

Blessed Teresa Maria of the CrossAlso known as

  • Bettina (childhood nickname)
  • Teresa Adelaide Cesina Manetti
  • Teresa Maria de la Cruz
  • Teresa Maria della Croce
  • Teresa Maria Manetti



Daughter of Salvatore Manetti and Rosa Bigagli, Teresa had one brother, Adamo Raffaello; she lived her whole life in her small village, and her father died when Teresa was three years old. She was always known as a pious child, and made her First Communion on 8 May 1859. A natural organizer, when she was 18 years old Teresa gathered a group of young women who lived in common and worked as teachers of poor children; they were inspired by the writings of Saint Teresa of Avila, and had a special devotion to her. She organized and joined a group of Carmelite tertiaries on 16 July 1876, taking the name Teresa Maria of the Cross. Joined the Discalced Carmelites on 12 July 1888. Over the next few years she started schools in several Italian cities, each with it’s little group of Carmelite teachers. Her Institute of teaching nuns received approval from Pope Saint Pius X on 27 February 1904 as the Suor Carmelite di Santa Teresa di Firenze (CSTF; Carmelite Sisters of Saint Teresa of Florence) with a mission to teach and care for children, especially orphans. Like her inspiration, Saint Teresa of Avila, Teresa of the Cross met with much resistance to her work with the poor, much slander about her personal life, and a long period of spiritual dryness, but all who met her commented on the air of joy and peace she brought to her work.






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