Blessed Teodor Jurij Romzha

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Greek Catholic. Studied philosophy from 1930 to 1933. Studied theology in Rome from 1933 to 1937; received a Licentiate. Ordained on 25 December 1936.

Drafted into the military, he served on the border with Germany; discharged in 1938. Minister to the impoverished parish of Berezovo, Maramorosh District. Professor of philosophy and spiritual director at the seminary in Uzhorod in 1939. Monsignor in 1942. Consecrated bishop of the Mukachiv eparchy on 24 September 1944.

His eparchy was annexed into Soviet Ukraine on 29 June 1945. Teodor fought to preserve the rights of his Church during the occupation. The atheist government ordered the bishop and all the faithful to renounce any connection with Rome, and to submit to the Patriarch of Moscow. Romza refused, and the open persecutions by the State began. The government annouced that Nestor Sydoruk was the bishop of the eparchy, and faithful Greek Catholic priests and lay people were intimidated, harassed, abused, and imprisoned. Romza travelled his diocese by horse and buggy, ministering to his flock. Severely wounded on 27 October 1947 in a Bolshevik assassination attempt that involved ramming his cart with a motor vehicle, then beating him with rifle butts; he was later murdered in his hospital bed. His work helped many Transcarpathian Christians return from the Orthodox Church to the Greek Catholic. Martyr.





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They are taking from us our own priests and churches, but they will never be able to take away our faith from us. Blessed Teodor to his oppressed flock

O gracious Lord, in Your infinite goodness You have given us a fearless Bishop, Theodore G. Romzha, who by his uncommon courage, sufferings and violent death gave a heroic witness to his unshakable Faith and inspired our people to hold fast to their Faith in time of persecution. Therefore, we humbly beseech You to glorify Your faithful servant, that Man of Faith, Bishop Theodore, and to strengthen our Faith by granting us through his kind intercession…[here make your request]. For you are a merciful and gracious God, and we render glory to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever, Amen. – prayer for the beatification of Blessed Teodor

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