Blessed Sylvester of Troina

Also known as

  • Silvestro di Troina



Born to the local nobility, as a young man he became a twelfth-century monk in the Basilian monastery of Saint Michael the Archangel in Troina, Sicily, Italy, where he became known for his charity. Lived briefly at the monastery of San Filippo di Fragalà near Frazzanò, Italy. Ordained a priest by Pope Adrian VI in Rome, Italy c.1155. Soon after he was chosen served as abbot of his house. In later life he resigned his position to live as a prayerful hermit in a cell in a wooded area near the monastery and next to the oratory of Saint Barthomomew.

Some miracle stories have attached to him including discovering that a beggar he helped was Jesus. He is reported to have travelled to the shrine of Saint Agatha on her feast day in Etna, on foot, 40 miles each way, and finished the trip and his devotions in an hour. Healed the son of King William I of Sicily by praying for the boy and making the sign of the cross over him. A procession of his relics and prayers for his intercession is credited for ending a plague outbreak in Sicily in 1575.





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