Blessed Stanislaw Kostka Starowieyski

Blessed Stanislaw Kostka StarowieyskiAlso known as

  • prisoner 26711



Graduated high school in 1914. Studied law at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, but his studies were interrupted by the start of World War I. Soldier and officer in the Austrian army, he fought on the eastern front and in Italy. Helped found the Polish army in 1918. Fought in the PolishUkrainian War of 19181919, defending the citadel of Lviv. Fought in the PolishRussian war of 1920, rising to the rank of captain and receiving decorations for bravery. A near fatal bout of dysentery ended his military career in 1920.

Returning to civilian life with exceptional organization and people skills, he studied agriculture, and in 1921 took over management of the 1,000 acre Zamosc farms in Labunie, Poland; he was known for insuring his people were paid fairly, and had medical coverage. Married to Maria Theresa Szeptycka in 1921. The family went to daily Mass, and spent largely on charity, food for the poor, and Catholic social activities. Not content with checkbook-charity, he visited and helped the poor and orphans regardless of nationality or religion. He supported the Marian Congregation, Catholic Action, pilgrimages to Jasna Gora, and the study of Catholic social doctrine. Worked to create better working conditions and cooperation between farms to promote agricultural production. Vice-president of Catholic Action in 1932; president of the Diocesan Institute of Catholic Action in Lublin, Poland in 1935. He declined an offer to run for the Polish senate in 1935. Honorary papal chamberlain to Pope Pius XI.

Arrested with his brother Marian by invading Russian troops in November 1939; they escaped in Debiny Laszczowskiej, but Marian was re-captured, sent to the Russian interior, and was never heard from again. Stanislaw was captured by German troops and sent to the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, Germany for the crime of being a Catholic leader. Martyr.






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He was an apostle in the camp. – Father Dominik Maj

I have no doubts that he was a hero and a saint. – Cardinal Adam Kozlowiecki

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