Blessed Sibyllina Biscossi

Blessed Sibillina BiscossiAlso known as

  • Sibyllina of Pavia
  • Sibila…
  • Sibile…
  • Sibili…
  • Sibilina…
  • Sibillina…
  • Sibylline…
  • Sybil…



Orphaned when very young, she received no education and was working as a domestic servant by age 10. Blind by age 12; the cause of her blindness has not come down to us. Adopted by a community of Dominican tertiaries at Pavia, Italy.

Sibyllina developed a devotion to Saint Dominic in hopes that his intervention would return her sight; when it did not, she came to accept it as her lot in life. She received a vision of Saint Dominic as confirmation of her desire to join the Order. At age 15 she became a recluse, living in a walled up cell. She spent her time in prayer, and her cell soon became a point of pilgrimage for Pavians seeking advice and healing; she lived there for over 60 years, doing penance, performing miracles, and spreading devotion to the Holy Spirit.

Sybillina could sense the Presence in the Blessed Sacrament. Once a priest passed her window on his way to a sick call. She told him that the host was not consecrated; he checked and found he had taken a host from the wrong container.






O Lord, enkindle our hearts with the fire of the Spirit, who wonderfully renewed Blessed Sibyllina. Filled with that heavenly light may we come to know Jesus Christ crucified and always grow in your love. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. – General Calendar of the Order of Preachers

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