Blessed Severinus Boethius

Blessed Severinus BoethiusAlso known as

  • Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boethius
  • Last of the Romans
  • Severino Boezio



Descendant of a Roman consular family. His father was chosen as consul in 487, but died soon after, leaving Severinus an orphan. Educated by a pious, aristocratic friend of the family, Quintus Aurelius Memmius Symmachus. Fluent in Greek, he probably studied in Athens, Greece or Alexandria, Egypt. Known for his education and intellect. Married Rusticana, the daughter of his mentor Symmachus. They had of two sons. Severinus served as Roman consul in 510; his sons were chosen as Roman co-consuls themselves in 522. Aide and confidant to King Theodoric. Philosopher. Writer.

Political rivals accused him of disloyalty to the throne, of plotting to restore the Republic, and of the sacrilege of astrology; he was imprisoned without trial. While in jail he reflected on the instability of a state whose government depended on a single man such as a king; these ideas were developed in his best-known work, De Consolatione Philosophiae (Consolations of Philosophy). Soon after, he was executed on order of King Theodoric. A tradition began soon after that he had really been imprisoned and killed for being an orthodox Catholic, and he was soon considered a martyr.




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Father, enable our minds to rise to your ineffable dwelling place. Let us find the light and direct the eyes of our soul to you. Dispel the mists and the opaqueness of the earthly mass, and shine out with your splendor. You are the serene and tranquil abode of those who persevere in their goal of seeing you. You are at the same time the beginning, the vehicle, the guide, the way and the goal. Amen. Saint Severinus Boethius, 5th-6th century writer and philosopher

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