Blessed Scipion-Jérôme Brigeat Lambert

Martyrs of the Hulks of RochefortAlso known as

  • Scipione Gerolamo Brigeat de Lambert



Born to the nobility, his father was a royal advisor and treasury official. Studied in the French cities of Ligny and Paris, then the seminaries of San Luis and then San Sulpice. Ordained a priest in 1756. Earned his doctorate in 1760 at the college of Navarra. Canon and vicar-general of the diocese of Avranches, France from 1761 to 1788. When the antiChristian persecutions of the French Revolution began, he fled to Ligny. The authorities located him there and ordered to take the oath of loyalty to the new constitution; he refused, remaining loyal to the Church. He was imprisoned on the Hulks of Rochefort and left to die. He spent his final day nursing and ministering to other prisoners. Martyr.





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