Blessed Savina Petrilli

Blessed Savina PetrilliAlso known as

  • Sabrina



Second daughter of Celso and Matilde Venturini. At age 10 she read a life of Saint Catherine of Siena, and immediately developed a devotion to her. Savina made her First Communion at age 12. Joined the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary at age 15 and was in was chosen president of the Congregation in 1873. In 1869 she had an audience with Pope Pius IX who urged her to walk in the footsteps of Saint Catherine of Siena. On 15 August 1873 she and five companions, in the chapel of her family’s home, took vows of chastity, poverty and obedience in order to found the Sisters of the Poor of Saint Catherine of Siena whose mission is to care for homeless and poor young people. The Sisters founded their first house in Onano, Viterbo, Italy in 1881, their first foreign mission in Belem, Brazil in 1903, and received final approval on 17 June 1906 by Pope Pius X. The Congregation continues her good work today in Italy, Brazil, Argentina, India, Philippines, Paraguay and the United States with over 80 houses and more than 500 sisters.





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