Blessed Sante Spessotto

Blessed Sante SpessottoAlso known as

  • Cosma Spessotto
  • Cosme Spessotto Zamuner



Sante was born to the peasant family of Vittorio Spessotto and Josefina Zamuner; he was baptized at the age of two days. About age 10, the boy began feeling a call to the priesthood, and concentrated his studies on that. He joined the Franciscan Friars Minor in Motta di Livenza, Italy on 3 September 1938. He began his novitiate on 16 September 1939 in Vincenza, Italy, taking the name Cosma, made his first vows on 17 September 1940, and after more studies, he made his solemn profession on 19 March 1944.

At one point he was forced to undergo surgery for an ulcer; due to the war, there was no anesthesia available, Cosma was awake and alert during the surgery, clutching a crucifix in one hand, the hand of nurse in the other, and toughed it out.

Ordained a priest on 27 June 1948. He volunteered to go to the missions in China, but withdrew the request due to fervent family objection to his going to the Communist-controlled country. He volunteered for missions anywhere in Africa, but, with two fellow friars, was assigned to work as a missionary to El Salvador, arriving on 4 April 1950.

After speaking out about the violence and injustices of the military dictatorship that took over El Salvador on 15 October 1979, he was murdered in his own church as he was about to celebrate Mass. Martyr.






“…pardon…pardon…” Blessed Cosma’s dying words

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