Blessed Rosalina of Villeneuve

Blessed Rosalina of VilleneuveAlso known as

  • Roseline
  • Roselyne
  • Rosalinde
  • Rossolina



Born to an ancient and noble family; daughter of Count Arnaud. As a child, Rosalina was noted for her charity to the poor, often slipping away to give food to beggars outside the family castle. Her father, seeing that she was giving away expensive meals, ordered her to stop. Saddened, she obeyed for about a week, but the sight of the beggars at the castle door was too much for her. Late one night, she filled her apron with food, and started toward the doors. Her father caught her, and demanded to know what she carried; when she opened the apron, it was filled with roses. He immediately ordered the cooks to feed everyone at the door.

She became a Carthusian nun, entering the monastery of Bertrand in the diocese of Gap, France. Prioress of Celle-Roubaud in Provence, France. Her mother joined the order with her, and her brother built a church for their house.

Rosalina had frequent visions, the gift of reading hearts, and other mystical phenomena. Her brother Hélian fought and was captured in the Crusades. Legend says he was freed from his chains and led safely home across the seas by a vision of Rosalina who appeared to him in a cloud of roses.


  • 1267 in a castle at Villeneuve, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France





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