Blessed Ralph Milner

Blessed Ralph MilnerAlso known as

  • Randolph
  • Ranulphe
  • Raoul
  • Rodolfo



Poor, uneducated but pious farmer, husband and father of eight children in 16th century England. Raised an Anglican, he converted to Catholicism. He was arrested on the day of his First Communion for the crime of converting. He was such a model prisoner that the jailers gave him keys so he could go out to work and return to serve his sentence. He used this as a way to get a priest, including Blessed Roger Dickenson, into the jail to minister to other Catholic prisoners. Arrested with Father Roger for the crimes of helping a priest, attending Mass and helping fellow Catholics during the persecutions of Queen Elizabeth I. He was given the chance for pardon if he would renounce Catholicism and attend a Protestant church; he declined. They brought his children to the jail in hopes of changing his mind; he gave them a father‘s blessing, and continued his preparation for execution. Martyr.





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