Blessed Rafael Alonso Gutiérrez

Blessed Rafael Alonso GutiérrezMemorial


A lifelong layman, Rafael was married to Maria Adelaid Ruiz Glens in 1916; the couple were parents to four daughters. He worked as postmaster in Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain, and served as catechist and youth teacher by night at his parish. Member of the Catholic Legion, Catholic Action, School of Christ, Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and was a Franciscan Tertiary.

Arrested for his faith by Communist militia during the Spanish Civil War, he was imprisoned and abused in hopes of getting him to renounce Catholicism; it didn’t work. He was shot on a roadside with Blessed Carlos Diaz and abandoned, but Rafael survived. Friends hid him at a local Capuchin convent, and later died of his wounds. He forgave his killers and insisted that there be no retribution, revenge or feud between his family and theirs. Martyr.





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