Blessed Placido Riccardi

Blessed Placido RiccardiAlso known as

  • Tommaso Riccardi
  • Thomas Riccardi



Spent a worldly youth in Umbria, Italy. He moved to Rome, Italy in 1865 to study philosophy under the Dominicans at the Angelicum College. The study led to a conversion experience, a pilgrimage to Loreto, and entry to the Cassinese Benedictine abbey of Saint-Paul-Outside-the-Walls in Rome on 12 November 1866; he made his final profession on 19 January 1868, taking the name Placido. As a deacon he was arrested as a draft dodger for not joining the Italian army; he was imprisoned in Florence, Italy and then sent to the 57th Infantry Regiment in Livorno, Italy. Released, he returned to Rome to resume his studies and was ordained on 25 March 1871. Spiritual teacher whose students include Blessed Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster. Contracted malaria in 1881, and suffered from the disease for the rest of his life, sometimes to the point of paralysis from the fever. Assigned to the San Pietro monastery in Perugia, Italy in 1882, and served a spiritual director. Served as a rector to Benedictines in Rome in 1887. Rector of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Farfa in Rome in 1894; he lived in a hermitage near the castle of San Fiano and served as confessor to a nearby convent of Poor Clare nuns.





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