Blessed Pietro Tecelano

Blessed Pietro TecelanoAlso known as

  • Pietro Pettinaio
  • Peter….
  • Pier….



Moved from Campi to Siena, Italy with his family as a child. He married and worked as a comb-maker. Widower. Franciscan tertiary, serving as a nurse in a Franciscan hospital. He continued making combs, living a simple, solitary life, giving any excess monies to the Franciscans, and spending his nights in prayer and meditation. He eventually moved from a layman‘s house to a cell in the monastery that ran the hospital. He considered himself too talkative, and worked to living in silence. Pilgrim to holy sites in various Italian cities. Known as a mystic and a miracle worker, he became a sought after advisor to priests and laity. The character of Pier the comb-seller in Dante’s Purgatorio may have been modeled upon him.





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