Blessed Pietro of Gubbio

detail of a portrait of Blessed Pietro da Gubbio, date unknown; signed with the name 'Stephen'; swiped from Santi e BeatiMemorial


Born to the Italian nobility, Pietro studied law at universities in Perugia, Italy, and Paris, France. He was a successful and brilliant lawyer known for his honesty, and who concentrated on representing the poor.

When he was 40 years old, Pietro came to know the Augustinians and was drawn to them, wanting to put himself and his law practice at the disposal of the Church. Priest. Friar in the Augustinian monastery in Gubbio, Italy. Chosen by the Order‘s vicar-general to serve as Provincial Visitor to Augustinian houses in France; tradition says that he travelled bare-footed and met all his brother Augustinians that way as a sign of humility. Noted preacher. Known for his holiness of life, his zeal for the Augustinian Rule and the Christian life, his patience with Augustinian brothers who had trouble living up to the Rule, and as a miracle worker. He spent later years as a prayerful monk the Gubbio monastery where he had begun.



  • between 1306 and 1322 in Gubbio, Umbria, Italy of natural causes
  • buried in the common grave of friars in the center of the choir area in the Augustinian church in Gubbio
  • legend says that one day soon after his burial, the monks were in the choir, sang the Te Deum, and heard a voice from the tomb that responded: Te Dominum confitemur! (Lord, we thank you!); the frightened brothers opened the tomb and found the body of Blessed Peter on his knees, looking up and hands crossed on his chest
  • relics still enshrined in the Augustinian church


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