Blessed Pierre of Tarentaise the Elder



One of the first Cistercian monks. Friend of Saint Stephen Harding, Saint Robert of Molesme, and Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Founded the monastery of La Ferte in Burgundy, France in 1113, served as its first prior and third abbot. Founded the monastery in Tiglieto, Italy in 1120, the first Cistercian house outside France. Founded the monastery of Lucedio, Italy in 1124. Archbishop of Tarentaise, France in 1124, the first Cistercian to become a bishop. Even as bishop, Pierre continued to live the simple life of a Cistercian monk, adding all the prayers and fasts of the Order to that of his diocesan calendar. Part of the Council of Étampes in 1130 in which he declared allegience to Pope Innocent II, rejecting anti-pope Kletus II. Founded the Cistercian house in the Tami valley on the Italy/Switzerland border in 1132.



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