Blessed Pierre-Lucien Claverie

Blessed Pierre-Lucien Claverie, date unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • the bishop of the Muslims (he was called this by Muslim mourners at his funeral)



Born to a working class French family living in Algeria. At age 10, Pierre joined the scouts in a troop led by Dominicans, and became familiar with their spirituality. He attended college in Grenoble, France, and joined the Dominicans himself at the convent in Lille, France on 7 December 1958. He studied at a Dominican institute near Paris, France, and in 1962, after the Algerian war of independence, he returned to Algiers. There he served his mandatory time in the armed forces, but refused to bear arms. After his service, Pierre resumed his studies in France in September 1963, and was ordained a priest on 4 July 1965.

Father Pierre spent time learning Arabic and studying Islam, then returned to Algeria to help the people re-build their lives after the war. From 1973 to 1981 he ran an institute in Algiers for the study of classical Arabic and Islamic history; it was started as a way to prepare Christian missionaries for work in Islamic regions, but became a popular school for local Muslims who wanted to learn Arabic and their Islamic cultural history. Father Pierre worked for dialogue between Christians and Muslims, believing that communication and open religious discussion could lead to peace.

He was chosen bishop of Oran, Algeria on 25 May 1981. He built libraries, therapy centers for the handicapped, and schools, including ones for women. When the Algerian Civil War broke out in 1992, many of the Catholic clergy fled the country, but Father Pierre considered himself an Algerian as well as French, and stayed to work for peace and serve his flock. He died with his driver and friend Mohamed Bouchikhi in a bomb blast set by antiChristian forces. Martyr.





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