Blessed Pierre-Joseph Cassant

Also known as

  • Joseph-Marie Cassant



A pious youth, Pierre-Joseph early felt a call to the priesthood, but after months of tutoring by his parish priest, it was obvious that Pierre-Joseph would not be able to master diocesan seminary studies. Instead, on 5 December 1894 he was sent to the Abbey of Sainte-Marie-du-Désert where the studies were simpler since there were no pastoral responsibilities, but where it was still an academic struggle. Benedictine Cisterian Trappist monk, taking the name Marie-Joseph. Member of the Association of Victim Souls. Ordained on 12 October 1902 after eight years of study; he lived nine months as a priest. Having developed tuberculosis, his health was already failing by the time of his ordination. He was sent home to his family for seven weeks to rest, but continued to decline and asked to return to the abbey where he spent his remaining time working in the infirmary.






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For such a long time we hoped against hope to be able to have the whole family together after my ordination so as to share the joy of being present and receiving Communion together at my first Mass. The good Lord heard our deepest wishes. It now remains to us to thank Him and to enter more and more deeply into the greatness of the priesthood. Let us never dare to equate the Sacrifice of the Mass with earthly things. – Blessed Marie-Joseph in a letter to his family

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