Blessed Pierre I of Tarantasia

Also known as

  • Pierre l’Ancien
  • Pierre the Elder
  • Pierre Ier de Tarentaise



Pietro was one of the first Cistercian monks. Friend of Saint Stephen Harding, Saint Robert of Molesme and Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Pietro was one of the founders of the Abbey of La Ferté in Saint-Ambreuil, France in 1113, serving as its abbot from 1123 to 1132. Founded Cistercian houses in Tiglieto, diocese of Acqui, Italy in 1120, and in Lucedio, diocese of Vercelli, Italy in 1124. Archbishop of Tarentaise, France from 1124 until his death in 1140, becoming the first Cistercian to be consecrated a bishop; he also led the adjacent suffragan dioceses of Aosta, Italy and Sion, Switzerland. Participated in the council of Etampes in 1130, affirming his fidelity to Pope Innocent II instead of antipope Anacleto. Founded the Abbey of Tamié, and appointed Saint Pierre II of Tarantasia as its first abbot. Help bring the Canons Regular to his dioceses. As archbishop, Pierre maintained his simple Cistercian life with periods of fasts and prayer vigils.



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