Blessed Pierre Bonhomme



Pierre was known as a pious and studious child who early felt a call to the priesthood. He entered seminary at Montfaucon, France in November 1818 at age 15. While a deacon he opened a school for boys. Ordained on 23 December 1827 at age 24, and served in the diocese of Cahors, France.

He opened a seminary preparatory school in 1831. Founded the Children of Mary to help provide for the spiritual and mundane needs of girls in Gramat, France. He urged the young people in his groups and schools to visit and help the poor elderly who were effectively abandoned. He established a home for the indigent, and to staff it he founded the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Calvary dedicating to teaching children, helping the poor, sick, elderly, and disabled.

As part of his parish work, Pierre preached missions in the region, and became known as a excellent preacher, converting many. He had a special devotion to Our Lady of Rocamadour. Once while preaching a retreat, he completely lost his voice; through prayer to Our Lady of Rocamadour he was miraculously healed and finished the retreat. Father Pierre felt a desire to become a Carmelite, but his bishop insisted that he continue his work as a missioner, and gave him a new group of missioners to work with. Pierre obeyed, preaching until 1848 when larynx disease forced him to stop.

His mission vocation over, Pierre turned his attention to the Congregation, expanding their work into care for the deaf and mute in 1854, and the mentally ill in 1856. His last years were spent in spiritual guidance of the Sisters, writing their Rule, and expanding the areas of their good works. Today the Congregation has sisters working in France, Brazil, Argentina, Guinea, Ivory Coast and the Philippines.





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