Blessed Philip Powel

illustration of Blessed Philip Powel, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Philip Morgan
  • Philip Powell
  • Philip Prosser



Son of Roger and Catherine Powel. Studied law in London, England. Seminarian in Douai, France. Joined the Benedictines at the monastery now known as Downside Abbey in Bath, England. Ordained in Douai in 1618. Returned to England in 1622 to minister to covert and oppressed Catholics. He worked in the area of Leighland, Somersetshire, sometimes using the aliases of Morgan or Prosser to avoid priest hunters, from 1624 until the Civil War broke out in 1645 when he removed to Devonshire. Served six months as chaplain to Catholic soldiers in Cornwall. While sailing to South Wales, his ship was captured on 22 February 1646. Father Philip was recognized and arrested for the crime of being a priest. Imprisoned in London in harsh conditions, he developed pleurisy. On 9 June 1646 he was tried and condemned for being a priest. Martyr.





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