Blessed Peter Paul Navarro

Also known as

  • Paul Navarro
  • Pietro Paolo Navarro



Joined the Jesuits in Naples, Italy in 1578. Ordained in Goa, India. Missionary to Japan. Became fluent in Japanese, and lived as much like a native as he could, wanting to show that Christianity was no threat to a Japanese lifestyle.

An imperial edict in 1614 expelled all foreigners. Instead of leaving, Peter went into hiding so he could minister to the converts he had made. He travelled the country disguised as a beggar, wood seller, farmer, and peddler in order to conduct covert Masses. He wrote on the faith, and translated Christian works into Japanese.

Arrested by priest hunters in December 1621 along with two catechists, Petrus Onizuka Sadayu and Denis Fugiscima, and a layman, Clement Kuijemon. They were condemned to death by the Shogun on 27 October 1622. Father Peter Paul celebrated Mass and ordained his two catechists as Jesuit priests in the hours just before his execution.





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