Blessed Peter Paschal

detail of an Italian holy card of Blessed Peter PaschalAlso known as

  • Peter Pascual
  • Peter Pascualez
  • Peter Paschasius
  • Pedro Pascual
  • Pietro Pascasio



Received his doctorate from the University of Paris, France. Joined the Mercedarians in 1250. Priest. Tutor to Don Sancho, son of the king of Aragon (part of modern Spain), in 1253. Bishop of Jaén, Spain in 1289 during a period when the diocese was in territory controlled by Moors. Worked to ransom Christians held hostage by the Moors. Wrote and preached against Islam as a faith, and against Moorish hostage taking in general. Ambushed by Moors, he was imprisoned in Granada from 1297 until his martyrdom at the order of King Moulay Mohammed.





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