Blessed Peter of Zeliv



Premonstratensian canon, entering the Zeliv monastery in Bohemia. Chosen abbot his house in 1406, he served until his death, 16 years later. When Hussite gangs under Jan Zizka came through the area in December 1421, Peter, his brother monks, and other local Catholics fled ahead of them to the town of Nemecky Broad, Bohemia (modern HavlĂ­ckuv Brod, Czech Republic). However, Zizka’s troops sacked of the city, captured the Catholics, and executed them. Martyr.



  • executed on 10 January 1422 in Nemecky, Bohemia (modern HavlĂ­ckuv Brod, Czech Republic)
Additional Information

  • nettsteder i norsk

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